Dry needling is a safe and effective procedure for treating patients with certain musculoskeletal symptoms. It is performed by physical therapists who have undergone additional training to become certified in the procedure, and we are proud to have therapists on our staff who have the skill, training, and certification to offer this service.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of dry needling:

  1. Dry needling breaks up trigger points. Trigger points are tight bands in a muscle that cause pain, tenderness, and disrupt the function of the muscle.
  2. In breaking up these trigger points in the muscle, blood flow increases, allowing it to flow more efficiently and effectively.
    Releasing the tightness in the muscle decreases pain that may be caused by musculoskeletal abnormalities and impairments.
  3. With dry needling, the flexibility of the muscle fibers increases, which in turn can increase the range of motion and flexibility that may have been limited by the tightness in the muscle.
  4. Dry needling helps restore function of the muscle by returning it to its optimal resting position, which in turn allows the muscle to optimally contract with functional movement.

Stop by one of our Therapy Clinics to see if dry needling is right for you!