If you find yourself losing your balance with simple daily tasks (walking, getting out of bed, turning corners in your home), you are not alone. Almost 40% of older adults suffer from balance issues, which can lead to falls and subsequent injuries. Balance deficits can arise from a variety of reasons, including impaired sensation (for example, reduced ability to feel the feet on the ground), vestibular disorders (feeling dizzy or room spinning sensation), and visual disturbances (for example, cataracts, glaucoma, or simply being in a dimly lit room). 

Physical therapists perform balance testing and create treatment plans to improve balance, strength, stability, and gait. Physical therapists work on static balance (standing or sitting still) as well as dynamic balance (maintaining balance while moving) through different exercises and treatment techniques. Physical therapists assess your fall risk and create plans to help reduce your risk, which helps to increase your confidence with balance and gait. We work to strengthen your muscles to improve your stability and base of support when standing and moving, as well as improve your posture to be more upright and balanced. We safely and effectively improve your movement and activity levels.

It is NEVER too late to improve your balance and strength. If you are having difficulty with your balance, contact our Therapy Clinics to see if physical therapy would benefit you.