Your vestibular system is intricate (albeit tiny – about the size of your pinky nail). This system, located in your inner ear, is responsible for providing a sense of balance and spatial orientation. It is essential for this part of your body to be functioning correctly in order for you to remain balanced. When this system is affected, you may feel like the room is spinning, or as if you are not able to stand or walk straight. If untreated, or treated incorrectly, you may begin to feel decreased confidence with your daily activities, which could lead to feeling confined to your home. 

Vestibular disorders can be caused by various reasons, such as damage to your inner ear, stroke, inner ear infections, and weakness or imbalance between your vestibular systems (there is one system in each ear). Along with dizziness, you may also be experiencing nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, difficulty walking, abnormal eye movements, or ringing in the ears. There are many types of vestibular disorders, all of which are treated with different techniques and exercises. 

A vestibular trained physical therapist plays an integral part in treating conditions that are caused by inner ear dysfunction. Physical therapists help to restore the function of your vestibular system, improve your balance that may be impaired as a result of your condition, strengthen any affected muscles, and much more. It is important to note that not all physical therapists undergo additional training to evaluate and treat dizziness and vertigo. We are proud to have therapists at our clinics that are qualified in this specialty area and who take joy in getting you back on your feet.