• As with any exercise, it is important to STRETCH before beginning. Perform gentle static stretches before getting into the pool in order to properly warm up your muscles.
      • BALANCE is crucial. Make sure you are in adequate physical health to be able to maintain your balance while moving around the pool.
      • Gather any EQUIPMENT that you may use (pool noodles, pool weights, swim cap, goggles, etc.).
      • Keep WATER nearby and accessible while you are in the pool. You can certainly get dehydrated while exercising in the pool.


      • WALKING
            • Start in water that is about waist high and walk forwards, sideways, and backwards for several laps around the pool
      • STATIC STANDING EXERCISES (stand by the side of the pool if you need to hold on for balance)
            • Marching in place
            • Going up and down on the toes (with knees straight)
            • Mini-squatting
            • Lifting arms out of water towards overhead
            • Stand in a mini-squat position and hold your noodle with your arms straight in front of you. Push down on the noodle as far as you can into the water, then return to the starting position and repeat.
            • Suspend yourself on your noodle and perform bicycle kicks to tread the water and keep yourself afloat.


      • RECOVER– cool down with post workout stretches and give yourself adequate rest before your next pool workout 
      • STICK WITH IT – low impact exercise in the pool is excellent for your overall health, especially as you age
      • SEEK HELP – if pain, weakness, or balance issues is keeping you from the pool, schedule a visit with one of our movement experts to get your body back in motion and enjoying the pool again!