Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, losing your balance around the home or while out with friends, were told you need surgery, or have a nagging pain that just won’t go away, you may feel frustrated or even lost. There may be many unanswered questions and confusion about your issue. One thing is certain: a physical therapy consultation must be considered.

Physical therapy is a vital part of healthcare, and physical therapists play a major role in recovery, restoration, pain management, and overall health and wellness. We focus on optimizing your function in order to enable you to maintain and restore your motion. Physical therapy is an excellent alternative to more extreme interventions, such as surgery or opioid use. We help strengthen the muscles associated with your injury or issue, stretch the muscles and tissues to reduce abnormal stresses placed on the joints, train your balance and vestibular system to prevent falls, manage chronic pain through functional mobility and improved movement patterns, and much more. In post surgical cases, we play an invaluable part in your recovery.

At our Therapy Clinics, your care is specific to your goals, your body, and your lifestyle. You live in beautiful southwest Florida, and you certainly should be enjoying your time here. You should be maintaining and improving your quality of life. We work hard to get your body back in motion, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest!